Monday, May 26, 2014

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"Before computers and smart phones we'd explain to our kids what sex is all about.
Now with these high-tech gadgets the kids tell their parents, "What do you want to know, Mom? (Dad)?"

Exercise - Some Facts & Myths

In 1968 Kenneth Cooper, MD wrote a book called Aerobics and it has been updated since then.  Dr. Cooper's book was very popular and had a lot of good information that could be used in an exercise program.  He has been credited with popularising aerobic exercising and some of the examples he referred to in his book are jogging, running, sprinting, using treadmill, step machines, elliptical trainers, and the list goes on and on.  Unfortunately, exercise as taught by trainers, in gym, at high schools, and many other places, are using the word "aerobics", incorrectly.  All members of the animal kingdom live aerobically, meaning they need oxygen to live.  For a human to exercise anaerobically (without oxygen) is nonsense.  An animal without oxygen is a corpse  or on the way to becoming one.  Note:  ALL EXERCISE IS AEROBIC and to refer to weight lifting , hill climbing, isometrics, yoga or any movement at all as anaerobic is not realistic and should be recognized accordingly.

Perhaps the concept of aerobics/anaerobic developed by how energy is produced.  The body produces energy in a complex system called the tricarboxylic acid cycle or Kreb's Cycle.  The cycle is a series of reactions that occur in specialize organelles called mitochrondia. The energy component, ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate), is produced in this cycle along with some other products such as lactic acid, oxygen, amino acids, fatty acids, and glucose.  The initial ATP and the lactic acid are produced anaerobically but the total body does not function without oxygen. Try to think of the human energy systems as continuous, just like a circle and the result of the energy system is, yep, you guessed it, the production of ENERGY!

So to sum it all up lets call running, jugging, sprinting, elliptical training and other machines design-

ed to spreed up the heart, "cardio training" and not aerobics.  Weight or strength training, yoga, Pilate's, are all aerobic.  To sum up, everything a human does is aerobic.  To those that don't believe this statement try doing any form of exercise with duct tape covering your nose and mouth!