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As a little kid growing up in Minneapolis, Minn., I remember watching my two older brothers working out in our attic upstairs.  They had some barbells, dumbbells, and some benches.  When they were through working out I would try to duplicate what they did, with much less weight of course.  In the summer it was hot and in the winter cold, brrrrrr!  We would use a fan to keep comfortable in the summer and bundle up with heavy duty workout clothes in the winter, just a little bit different than what one wears in a modern gym is today.

Fast forward to high school and I joined a gym in Los Angeles. It was there when instruction on weight training became an interest of mine.  Men with muscle, girls with curves, machines, benches, pulleys and other goodies to view and use. Whoopee, it was muscle growth time.  In high school and early college wrestling became a venture I enjoyed.  Unfortunately, the boys never wrestled the girls in those days. Yes, things were different at that time -damn!

College became very time consuming as I entered a pre-dental course as required to gain entrance to most dental schools.  Four years were spent at Northwestern Dental School in the Windy City of Chicago, Ill.  The University has it's professional schools (Medical, Dental and Law) right off of Lake Michigan and if you're underweight in Chicago, especially during the winter, you could be blown into the Lake!  It was at that time a favorite diet of chocolate malts and Sara Lee's cheese cakes provided insurance on not being blown away.

After practicing dentistry in Anaheim, CA for nearly 38 years, retirement from being down in the mouth was my good fortune.  After some years on the golf course with other Romeo's (Retired Old Men Eating Out), cardio and bodybuilding became both a physiological and emotional driving force in my life.  It then was time to learn more about exercise, bodybuilding, diet, etc. I then began training at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to become a certified personal trainer.  I worked at a large Orange County gym as a trainer and Senior Training was my sub-specialty. 

These days it's 4-5 days per week doing cardio on a treadmill and bodybuilding to fill out an hour of working out.  After that a good part of the day is spending time on the computer sending and receiving e-mails mostly about exercise, and communicating with other bloggers about fitness.  Yes it's time for . 

..................Fitness - First & Forever.