Monday, November 25, 2013

 "With determination and heart, there's nothing you can't do.  I don't care how small you are, how skinny you are - I mean if you have the heart, and you have the drive, and you have the determination you can do whatever the hell you want!"

For The Beginner - Part 2

To do the various exercises, either have a personal trainer show you how and what to do to work your entire body or view the websites listed below.  If you look at a book or magazine you will probably see a view of the beginning and another view of the end of the exercise.  You need to know the rate or tempo of how fast or slow you do the movements and videos are preferred to fixed, stationary pictures.

By going online or using apps on a cell phone, you'll see how to do each exercise and often with an explanation of each movement.  Below are 4 websites showing exercises for the major groups of muscles and you can also check out apps for your smart phone.
  •    This website will show you exercises using a stability ball and they describe a 15 minute ball workout on a video.
Proper breathing during exercising is very important and you should practice on doing it correctly.  Inspiratory ventilation occurs in two forms: normal resting state (quiet) breathing and heavy (deep, forced) breathing.  The full breaths are those that will super-oxygenate your hardworking muscles and produce the most efficient workout.  These breaths are called "belly" breaths.  Many times during a workout, you may have a tendency to hold your breath.  Doing so can raise your blood pressure and strain other organs, particularly the heart.  Proper control of your breathing pattern keeps your blood pressure down.  It also keeps you more relaxed and focused.  As you contract (flex) your muscles, you should exhale and inhale upon relaxation of those same muscles.