Monday, February 24, 2014

"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
- Jillian Michaels

Nutrition - A Recommended Diet

Of  our three pillars of heath and fitness, namely Exercise, Sleep, and now, Nutrition, lets see what make sense.  Pick up almost any magazine or newspaper and you'll see many, many,
diet recommendations.  Why do so many people look to diet as a means of loosing weight? Well, exercise alone is a poor method of loosing our "pot" bellies.  If one eats the wrong foods, or too much of most any food (s), you'll pack on the pounds.  If you only diet without exercising, you can lose weight but you'll also loose muscle.  That's a no-no for a fitness buff. 

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What really matters is not so much what one weighs but what the composition of the person's body is. There are percentages of fat, muscle, etc. that are recommended.  Much more information can be found at Monica Mollica's address:  Monica is a nationally recognized expert on nutrition and exemplifies her appearance on the bodybuilder physique that she so successfully displays. The article she wrote is quite lengthy so you might want to go to the Summery at the end of her composition.  

So let's see what makes for a healthy diet.  For any diet to be successfully followed, it should not be too rigid or complicated in it's structure.  It should allow for good nutritional value, few if any saturated fats, no trans fats, sweets (pastry, bagels, surgery products), with much more fresh fruit and vegetables than most dieters eat.  A quick rule of thumb is "If it has a mother or if it comes from the earth, it's OK to eat."  Read the labels as they are of considerable help in determining the food's nutritional content.

After considering the present knowledge of healthful diets, I would recommend the Mediterranean Diet and to get a good perspective of how it works, look at one of it's locations, the Mayo Clinic. The address at the Mayo Clinic Mediterranean Diet is:

Mayo Clinic gives an excellent description and help in playing and using the Mediterranean Diet. Now, after reading all of the above, how about a Snicker's Candy Bar?